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Our Development Process.

We take this process really serious and you are the main key for success


1. Introduction.

We offer FREE consultation services to our clients. You can call us at any time. NO commitments and NO contracts, we just want to ensure our capabilities match your needs.


2. We want to meet you, and your team.

This is how we differentiate from other software companies. If we can observe your daily operations in place, our solutions are going to reflect what is making your business a success.


3. Discovery.

We go deep into the details of the project to obtain a blue print of your solution. This document is going to drive all the development process with specific tasks and timelines.


4. Development.

Small springs of development, testing and delivery. You are key component on this part of the process, at this point we meet regularly in a weekly basics to ensure the final success.


5. Delivery and Data Migration.

When solution is finished and ready to be use in the production environment, our team is ready to setup what is needed to migrate your existing data and establish the infrastructure to connect in office or remote teams.


06. Training and Ongoing Support

Training your team on how to use the solution and be productive. For our experience, 90% of support calls are related to a lack of knowledge related to the operation processes and software

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